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Howdy everyone,

Alistair here, 2 days after SMC's 11th anniversary (SMC was founded on August 31st, 2002 by myself and Brandon Blume, aka MusicallyInspired).
Well, who were you expecting, anyway- Leisure Suit Larry? Actually, he arrived this week too. I would call it the first real Sierra release since Mask of Eternity. 15 years on, whoda thunk it eh? Anyway, great to see.
Here's a shot of me wearing my limited edition rewards tee (yeah I know, Tawmis already beat me to it ;) ).

Now, since this is about SMC, here's a shot of me in my SMC tee! Where did I get this one? Well, my wife/brother made it for me back when we all lived in Australia, mid-late 2000's. Obviously I need a bigger one these days..

So, onto the big stuff. Firstly, apologies for not announcing this on our anniversary. I was simply exhausted after 2 long weeks and went to bed at 8pm.
Anyways- I mentioned some major announcements coming regarding SMC's studio.

So, I am proud to unveil.. another chapter in SMC's studio's evolution!
SMC now has more sophisticated recording equipment and sound modules/synths than ever before.
As well as my older gear, which not everyone may be familiar with as I haven't posted about it in years:

- Roland MT-32 (1st and 2nd gen)
- Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 mk-II
- Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850 ED
- Roland SC-D70 (8820 with digital sound card)
- Yamaha MU2000EX

- Radio Shack 4-channel mixer
- E-MU 0404 USB recording interface
- Sennheiser HD 595 headphones (for all recording/mixing)

I have now added:

- E-MU Proteus FX
- E-MU Proteus 2000 (with Composer and Orch 2 ROM's, soon to add Orch 1 hopefully)
- Korg N1R

- Denon DNX-800 digital mixer
- MIDISport 4x4 USB hub interface (for more MIDI Out's)

You can see a picture of the new setup here.
From the left is the Radio Shack mixer, then the Denon mixer, then the E-MU 0404 USB, then the synths.
If you want more detail, feel free to ask.

I am now also using Cubase 4 to record with. If anyone has any other software suggestions for multitrack recording, or for that matter, suggestions on vintage synth hardware I should purchase in the future (sub-$500 please!), by all means let me know.

So, what does all this mean for fans of Sierra music? Well, for one, it means a lot more variety in the sound I can create and the listenability of recordings. Personally, after over 10 years, I'm tired of hearing certain instruments I had to rely on in certain situations, because that's the "only good bass sound" I had, or something similar. The Proteus's and Korg each have over 500 and 1,000 patches, so that's over 2,500 instruments added to SMC's databanks (on top of the existing 3,500).

More to the point, you can expect some results soon. I need to finish the Space Quest IV soundtrack, but I think before I do I'm going to have a little fun and as a tribute to Al Lowe and Josh Mandel, post the *original* soundtrack to their recently re-re-released game.
The MIDI soundtrack is already edited. Look for a MP3 demo this week on Twitter.

Speaking of which, SMC now has a Twitter account! I am using it for all day-to-day communication or rambling about SMC. I don't want to put that stuff on the mainpage, so you can follow it here:

Anyway, enough chit-chat. I won't post more on the mainpage until I have some results for everybody.
Thanks to everyone out there for listening for 11 years, or however long you have listened. I'm no longer about building a fanbase up, this area of the Sierra community is too niche for that. But if I can create something that people enjoy and appreciate, while accomplishing something for myself, and sometimes helping others with a request- that's what I'm here for. Stick with me and we can continue to enjoy the music- here's to another 11 years.

SMC is musically, funded and run by,
- Alistair
Maintained, coded and supported extremely patiently by,
- Stephane
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