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Real name Alistair GILLETT
Location Broken Arrow, OK
Website Sierra Music Central
Position Site Founder
Message Board Administrator
Music Recorder
Devices used Roland MT-32
Roland Sound Canvas SC-55mkII
Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850
Yamaha MU100R

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Real name Stéphane MAINIL
Location France
Website Personal Website
Position Webmaster
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SMC is owned by Alistair Gillett as of August 2002, and as of December 2006, Alistair Gillett and Stephane Mainil. Any reproduction of music files/other content is fine, subject to contacting Alistair first (please, we do this for free, don't leech or steal our content).

All Sierra-related material (games, characters and any other such items) is owned (sadly) by Activision. The music we record, well who knows- can't afford to try the court case however. Let's just say we own the website and possibly the music.

Once more, please do not reproduce any SMC content without asking permission from the site owner, Alistair. We work unpaid hours to bring you the music and the website, so don't betray that generosity by stealing our work!