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Thinking of supporting SMC? It'd be greatly appreciated.

I, along with my webmasters and artists have spent countless hours over the many years releasing free audio, including numerous requests from you, the public. I've released quite a few soundtracks, with many more to come.
All I ask is that if you visit SMC and download from it regularly, to please make a donation (if you can afford it).

SMC is an expensive hobby to sustain, with such related purchases in the last few years as:
- new headphones ($150+)
- a new mixer ($150)
- a pro sound card ($250+)
- countless cables/misc. stuff ($300+)
- sound modules ($3000 and counting)

In addition to pure financial expenditures, there's the time I put into SMC regularly, such as:
- countless time spent on recording/editing MIDI files from games or extracting them, and then mixing/recording them digitally
- tracking down/liasoning with old composers to secure any audio archived, and interviews
- working with my webmaster Bountice and various artists to ensure SMC has a webpage that is vibrant and updated, and soundtracks have quality CD art
- administrating the SMC forums
- and so on.

Your donation will go towards ensuring SMC can keep the above a reality. And also, keeping its' equipment at a working and quality level (it's not easy with the amount of equipment I have!).

Any amount is appreciated. You can make a donation to SMC quickly and easily via my PayPal account, which is skeen441@cox.net . PayPal is a free service that allows you to send money over the internet. It only takes a few minutes and can even earn you $5 just for signing up.

Please include a description so I know what it's for, and hopefully email me to let me know so I can thank you personally or better yet, keep in touch!

Regards, and thanks for helping to keep the music alive!
- Alistair, Bountice and the rest of the SMC team

SMC is owned by Alistair Gillett as of August 2002, and as of December 2006, Alistair Gillett and Stephane Mainil. Any reproduction of music files/other content is fine, subject to contacting Alistair first (please, we do this for free, don't leech or steal our content).

All Sierra-related material (games, characters and any other such items) is owned (sadly) by Activision. The music we record, well who knows- can't afford to try the court case however. Let's just say we own the website and possibly the music.

Once more, please do not reproduce any SMC content without asking permission from the site owner, Alistair. We work unpaid hours to bring you the music and the website, so don't betray that generosity by stealing our work!