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Author Topic: Belated Happy 12th Anniversary for SMC, and some news  (Read 10088 times)

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Belated Happy 12th Anniversary for SMC, and some news
« on: November 02, 2014, 06:54:01 PM »
Hi everybody,

Not too big a fanfare concerning this update, as in the past I have overpromised and underdelivered, so I am trying to reverse that trend.

1. The anniversary, and zero post forum member deletion
The main reason I am posting, other than to celebrate the 12th anniversary of this website (Go SMC!), is to mention that I culled zero post members of the website forums today. Now, I know the forums aren't exactly a hive of activity, but I try to keep them neat and nice. So anyone with a post count of zero has been removed, including some recent spambot members.
If any of the members were 'real' members and you want an account where you read but don't post, please email me or PM me and let me know of your intentions, I don't want to exclude anybody who is interested but doesn't want to post.

2. New news, concerning SMC "Volumes" series
To give just a tidbit of news: I released back in 2003 the compilation SMC Sierra Music Volume One, a bit of a copy of QuestStudios' "Sierra Soundtracks Volume" series, but with my own take on the idea a little.

Shortly thereafter, especially in SMC's second phase of recording of which little was released, 2004-05, I recorded a number of tracks for future expansions of this concept. As most SMC visitors will be aware of, most recordings SMC has worked on in general since 2005 have not been released to the public, as a result of unfinished projects mostly, but some other factors also.
Over the years, I've not really revisited the concept a lot, but I have been working on putting together some old recordings from those eras as future "SMC Volumes". In particular I have one ready to go, when time allows for the update.

As far as new recordings of this series, more recently, with my overhaul of my music equipment I'm using, with really updated sound palettes and a very strong sound, I've been torn with what projects to work on and I thought, "Why not work on a bit of everything?". Thus, this project idea was rekindled in a new era of SMC.

Hopefully I will have more news at some point shortly, but we will leave it that for now. If you have any questions or comments, or lord forbid, requests for current or future iterations of this series, feel free to do so!

3. Miscellaneous news
In non-digital-soundtrack news, I've been working on some MIDI soundtracks this year, some for soundtracks that never made it, some for some that haven't made it yet. The Police Quest 1 VGA MIDI soundtrack is completed, and I converted it to General MIDI also. Some of you might remember that while PQ1VGA has a "General MIDI" option in the game, the music is remapped from the MT-32, sometimes resulting in incomplete/incorrect playback of the tracks. This conversion seems to resolve those issues.
You can find the result of the MT-32 soundtrack recording here:
http://www.sierramusiccentral.com/assorted/PQ1.zip *
* Since this is intended as an internal MIDI soundtrack, the MIDI files are not all ready for home playback. Some end abruptly, hinting that on the digital soundtrack they will be faded out, for example.

I've also been working on the King's Quest 5 and Conquests of Camelot MIDI scores, and intend on converting them to General MIDI, or close to, also. More news as comes to hand.

4. Surprise soundtrack release for the hard readers
Since you read this far, you probably figured out every time I update, I try and sneak a soundtrack release in there. Well, you won't be disappointed.

This year I tried to work on PQ1VGA and make a new soundtrack version with my new equipment. New soundtrack you ask? Well, like several scores I've worked on over the years, I've actually recorded the PQ1VGA soundtrack twice before. Once in 2005, and again in 2009.

Earlier this year, around June, I remastered the 2009 sessions and tonight I updated the track sheet with current information (it had a combination of 05 and 09 information). Since the PQ1VGA project is currently on hold again, tonight I am releasing the 2009 soundtrack for the public. You can find it here:

Anyway, that's more than enough from me! Thanks to everyone who's been a part of SMC, past, present and hopefully the future! Happy 12 years of music and hopefully we can put more out there as time goes on.

Regards, and thanks for keeping the music alive,
- Alistair
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Re: Belated Happy 12th Anniversary for SMC, and some news
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2014, 01:43:01 PM »
Glad to see you still keeping the website around, Alistair.

Though I'm not on Facebook (which is where most of the cool kids hang out, I hear), I appreciate any updates and music you have here at SMC.

Congrats on the 12th anniversary, and we look forward to many more years -- and much more music!